Ubuntu on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)

Canonical and Amazon work together to make Ubuntu worker nodes available for Amazon’s Elastic Kubernetes Services (EKS). This fully-managed service makes it easy to use Kubernetes on AWS, without being an expert in managing Kubernetes clusters.

These images are customised specifically for the EKS service, and are not intended as general OS images. To deploy an EKS cluster, follow the EKS user guide .

Latest changes

Add AMIs with serial 20231201 to address #2045311

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Region Use this or later image
Africa (Capetown) (af-south-1)
ami-0d41cfc8d5f5dc80b amd64
ami-01b5f9ecd8500c57f arm64
Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) (ap-east-1)
ami-06b435263d39cf419 amd64
ami-0f69c84762b2ea19d arm64
Asia Pacific (Tokyo) (ap-northeast-1)
ami-01d8bea858a420834 amd64
ami-0e1101ecbcb7eb511 arm64
Asia Pacific (Seoul) (ap-northeast-2)
ami-060c6f987fcf773e9 amd64
ami-0af923699a039680f arm64
Asia Pacific (Osaka-Local) (ap-northeast-3)
ami-0fb5ab9cedb2bc94d amd64
ami-03182f49602a826f5 arm64
Asia Pacific (Mumbai) (ap-south-1)
ami-07e28933a30e6f254 amd64
ami-0a0446ed6832ea53a arm64
Asia Pacific (Hyderabad) (ap-south-2)
ami-0054bf0a59ad7be41 amd64
ami-0a94e3719c96ad230 arm64
Asia Pacific (Singapore) (ap-southeast-1)
ami-02c1630bce6c0edeb amd64
ami-0faaab98c9f110d3e arm64
Asia Pacific (Sydney) (ap-southeast-2)
ami-0fdbf705ff8fe9911 amd64
ami-0d206bab852c4b659 arm64
Asia Pacific (Jakarta) (ap-southeast-3)
ami-02394898e774e022f amd64
ami-02ead029aa6f4ea4b arm64
Asia Pacific (Melbourne) (ap-southeast-4)
ami-043c9bd4440a4e332 amd64
ami-0fd6e883b4a03ac56 arm64
Canada (Central) (ca-central-1)
ami-0e2630ecad490b430 amd64
ami-01a443f04fca3f4a1 arm64
EU (Frankfurt) (eu-central-1)
ami-09de7600fa328c9e0 amd64
ami-0760bfb27f58351fd arm64
EU (Zurich) (eu-central-2)
ami-0a3fd93c7b44d5b61 amd64
ami-0f68c0d48eb95dc5a arm64
EU (Stockholm) (eu-north-1)
ami-04fbb44ea2454341f amd64
ami-0d635f427dff02a0d arm64
EU (Milan) (eu-south-1)
ami-0257ee76c054b7b7d amd64
ami-02dfa2014a495e03d arm64
EU (Spain) (eu-south-2)
ami-015aa4b2efade99f3 amd64
ami-0130b62fcc4f38c52 arm64
EU (Ireland) (eu-west-1)
ami-082013d1889dc7691 amd64
ami-0bb953c8b95c1f4a0 arm64
EU (London) (eu-west-2)
ami-0abf4c2b2e84f0749 amd64
ami-075e531c354acd94b arm64
EU (Paris) (eu-west-3)
ami-05aa77909fa8f7a1b amd64
ami-090a6b01960d52d28 arm64
Middle East (Israel) (il-central-1)
ami-05ff8a1b883422163 amd64
ami-0234d0cabee465929 arm64
Middle East (UAE) (me-central-1)
ami-0ee0dc2d412a6a461 amd64
ami-0ac83caad0a644b39 arm64
Middle East (Bahrain) (me-south-1)
ami-0a4d7a1d65db4dbb0 amd64
ami-0de8909ca43e4f23b arm64
South America (São Paulo) (sa-east-1)
ami-0e37d11e97f9514f6 amd64
ami-0966fa47d2d6b0c00 arm64
US East (Virginia) (us-east-1)
ami-0f981dd2928dfd4ea amd64
ami-02eb48bbd04885430 arm64
US East (Ohio) (us-east-2)
ami-069fc5c46f1e5b42d amd64
ami-0a6acb3353d48f94c arm64
US West (N. California) (us-west-1)
ami-030d5d19dbf71ac55 amd64
ami-05d41f15d0d95ab73 arm64
US West (Oregon) (us-west-2)
ami-0c7fcdd59c459a0cb amd64
ami-0da1ab38bcec5182a arm64

Kubernetes 1.28

The latest Ubuntu worker node AMIs for Kubernetes 1.28 (N.B. EKS may not be available in some of these regions, check the list of current EKS regions ):

Important: EKS images that support Kubernetes 1.28 use the default amazon-eks-nodegroup.yaml , as specified in the AWS EKS Console Getting Started Guide . To use Ubuntu EKS images with the nodegroup template in Step 3: Launch and Configure Amazon EKS Worker Nodes, click the 'Launch Workers' link for your your region and Kubernetes release version, and enter the Ubuntu AMI ID for your region, listed on this page, into the field labeled 'NodeImageId'.

This image is customized specifically for the EKS service and is not intended as a general OS image.