Ubuntu on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)

Canonical and Amazon work together to make Ubuntu worker nodes available for Amazon’s Elastic Kubernetes Services (EKS). This fully-managed service makes it easy to use Kubernetes on AWS, without being an expert in managing Kubernetes clusters.

These images are customised specifically for the EKS service, and are not intended as general OS images. To deploy an EKS cluster, follow the EKS user guide .

Latest changes

Add 1.28 amis wth serial 20230926.

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Region Use this or later image
Africa (Capetown) (af-south-1)
ami-0579816d07c67446a amd64
ami-0616336fed96d164f arm64
Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) (ap-east-1)
ami-0d47c19c6e3d570d6 amd64
ami-0f2fe17c80454fc31 arm64
Asia Pacific (Tokyo) (ap-northeast-1)
ami-0c0c64f81366bd03a amd64
ami-0965dc8a06656d2ba arm64
Asia Pacific (Seoul) (ap-northeast-2)
ami-0f0aeca5dd66f8ad0 amd64
ami-0cf86c2ae1c63509a arm64
Asia Pacific (Osaka-Local) (ap-northeast-3)
ami-0a8e6797b0c7e4f0a amd64
ami-085338bfa775cf951 arm64
Asia Pacific (Mumbai) (ap-south-1)
ami-0560abedc8c6967b0 amd64
ami-042981f8455a291b7 arm64
Asia Pacific (Hyderabad) (ap-south-2)
ami-07189e10fbc98fdf0 amd64
ami-01b2051ad06b2aea4 arm64
Asia Pacific (Singapore) (ap-southeast-1)
ami-07e86819a44f8f98c amd64
ami-091e2a82da0afec8c arm64
Asia Pacific (Sydney) (ap-southeast-2)
ami-0a96a97b5ba63b0f4 amd64
ami-0dad6eac2e430274b arm64
Asia Pacific (Jakarta) (ap-southeast-3)
ami-0663775aa40a6987b amd64
ami-00545164fac20c374 arm64
Asia Pacific (Melbourne) (ap-southeast-4)
ami-009106a172e7c4124 amd64
ami-0a80ceeddebe5f3f5 arm64
Canada (Central) (ca-central-1)
ami-06df12452b5e24a8d amd64
ami-0cbaba5664cfc094b arm64
EU (Frankfurt) (eu-central-1)
ami-03673776fa897dfc3 amd64
ami-0a21d8bbf3f7551d8 arm64
EU (Zurich) (eu-central-2)
ami-0ff2184132b737ad3 amd64
ami-0f5449d98a3bb24ee arm64
EU (Stockholm) (eu-north-1)
ami-08a74e86f208fe1e6 amd64
ami-01dcd02a5bae251c5 arm64
EU (Milan) (eu-south-1)
ami-0d7c070fbe4290cd2 amd64
ami-06c6ccdc342eae2af arm64
EU (Spain) (eu-south-2)
ami-06030fb9ebc032b73 amd64
ami-04dc4e5e2fa80c82e arm64
EU (Ireland) (eu-west-1)
ami-0f06f922184e65880 amd64
ami-017a5c239cdcd6612 arm64
EU (London) (eu-west-2)
ami-07d895cf5b3c0dca0 amd64
ami-080525d59ddf87181 arm64
EU (Paris) (eu-west-3)
ami-008b919c7799c96e5 amd64
ami-04c3396538f740135 arm64
Middle East (Israel) (il-central-1)
ami-0f481958849858b50 amd64
ami-070d9b38827456f9b arm64
Middle East (UAE) (me-central-1)
ami-09fd26d0393758b8c amd64
ami-05d6abb99007cd145 arm64
Middle East (Bahrain) (me-south-1)
ami-0bca9f2e5afd3c20e amd64
ami-0ecebeddba5a9a6bf arm64
South America (São Paulo) (sa-east-1)
ami-04c5aa82681469e9d amd64
ami-050f44a2dbf03085c arm64
US East (Virginia) (us-east-1)
ami-0f57736eef8483bce amd64
ami-06ebab805796d802e arm64
US East (Ohio) (us-east-2)
ami-0d9ec2930add3de7d amd64
ami-05ec4258881b9f913 arm64
US West (N. California) (us-west-1)
ami-085b13c06d5bef786 amd64
ami-097040f1cd2933a5c arm64
US West (Oregon) (us-west-2)
ami-064f1694d279d08bc amd64
ami-0f2dc0a89619695b8 arm64

Kubernetes 1.28

The latest Ubuntu worker node AMIs for Kubernetes 1.28 (N.B. EKS may not be available in some of these regions, check the list of current EKS regions ):

Important: EKS images that support Kubernetes 1.28 use the default amazon-eks-nodegroup.yaml , as specified in the AWS EKS Console Getting Started Guide . To use Ubuntu EKS images with the nodegroup template in Step 3: Launch and Configure Amazon EKS Worker Nodes, click the 'Launch Workers' link for your your region and Kubernetes release version, and enter the Ubuntu AMI ID for your region, listed on this page, into the field labeled 'NodeImageId'.

This image is customized specifically for the EKS service and is not intended as a general OS image.